Skye’s Hidden Heritage
Discover the historic settlement of Rubh’ an Dùnain
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Rubh’ an Dùnain



There is nothing like a vision of axe-wielding Vikings to stimulate the public imagination of our turbulent medieval history. But when that vision is focused today on an isolated, uninhabited peninsula on the west coast of the Isle of Skye and the theory that it may once have been a thriving harbour settlement and shipyard for Norse-style galleys, imagination comes ever-closer to reality.

Here you can watch and listen to dramatic videos and broadcasts that illustrate something of that approaching reality.


First, take an aerial journey across the Rubh' an Dùnain peninsula courtesy of acclaimed Skye photographer Cailean Maclean and soak up some of the grandeur of this beguiling landscape.



Next, view an exciting fly-through animation of how a medieval harbour complex might have looked as birlinns or Norse-inspired galleys were over-wintered for repair and rebuilding.

Video extract, courtesy of Aros Visitor Centre, Portree, Skye.


Watch as the BBC series Scotland from the Sky interviews Dr Colin Martin, the eminent marine archaeologist on site, and he explains why this land has been designated a Historic Monument and what secrets it may still have to reveal.


Join Coinneach Maclean of Friends of Rubh' an Dùnain
on site as he outlines the history and archaeology of the landscape to Paul Murton in his 2021 TV series Grand Tours of Scotland's Lochs. (Note: this is a time-limited BBC programme generally unavailable to view outside the UK).


Finally, as worldwide interest in Skye grows, learn why performance art involving designers, photographers and musicians from four countries, chose Skye for their location in 2019.


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