Rubh’ an Dùnain
Rannsaich làrach eachdraidheil Rubh’ an Dùnain
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Rubh’ an Dùnain

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Skye's Hidden Heritage was launched in 2015 in an attempt not only to deliver a virtual information point about Rubh' an Dùnain, but also to try to re-establish a community in an historic landscape which has been derelict for so long. Thousands from all over the world have already visited online. However, to continue to grow and thrive, any strong and vibrant community demands on-going friendship and support.

The MacAskills of Rubh' an Dùnain Society is actively engaged in trying to create a broad-based online community representing everyone who has an interest in this land – formally designated in 2017 as a national Historic Monument.

Our vision – explained in detail HERE on our Repopulation page– is for the Skye's Hidden Heritage website to become the focus of Friends of Rubh' an Dùnain – a dynamic forward-looking virtual community which will repopulate the peninsula – online – with scientists, archaeologists, historians, students, school children, members of the MacAskill diaspora, Viking sailors – indeed anyone with an interest in the life, history and understanding of this land.

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If you feel you would like to be part of this project we'd love to hear from you, wherever you are regardless of location, language or culture. SEND US AN EMAIL and become a Friend by using the form below. There's no cost and we will not redistribute your contact information and email details outside the project without your permission.

Or, add your COMMENTS about the peninsula, its history, this website – but more importantly, how best we can realise our plan for the future of Rubh' an Dùnain.

Contact us using the email form. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible. Please provide a telephone number if possible.